The Aero V-Twin - L W Chenery

The Aero V-Twin has attracted significant interest since its launch in 1983.  Les Chenery's successful design has been reproduced by many enthusiasts over the years and examples can be seen flying on every continent.  The engine sounds magnificent on a nice slow, low pass.   

The engine is a 15cc (0.91 cu in), 90º V Twin 4-stroke, with overhead valves activated by push rods.  The engine can be constructed either for spark ignition or glow plugs and will happily swing a Ø16" propeller at 6,000 rpm.  The engine weighs in at just 30oz (850g) less coil and battery pack and would be perfect for scale models with wingspans of 60" - 72".  

With Bore x Stroke of Ø13/16" x  7/8", the Aero V-Twin's components are of a sensible size for construction on virtually any lathe and mill.  Mr. Chenery's construction notes are highly detailed and we feel happy to propose this project to those with 'moderate' abilities.

This great engine has now been further enhanced.  Moulds have recently been commissioned for investment castings (lost wax) for the two heads, providing superb detailing and integrity.

Aero V-Twin in Action


The Aero V-Twin - Material Kit

The Aero V-Twin - Material KitFrom:  £136.30

The Aero V-Twin - Drawings & Notes

The Aero V-Twin - Drawings & Notes£32.20