The Jones .605 - Colin Jones

Designed by Colin Jones, this 10cc engine (0.605 employs "modern" principles to get the job done.   In common with most sports glow plug engines it features 'front' induction with the fuel/air mixture entering through a hollow crankshaft.   Also employed to good effect is a classic Schnüerle port liner with exhaust, boost  and 2 transfer ports on either side.

The engine weighs just 16oz. (450g) and can swing an 11" x 7.5" propeller at 12,250rpm with standard fuel and silencer fitted.  

The engine is so well conceived that it's hard to believe the designer had only owned a lathe for 6 months when he embarked on this project!  On this basis we are happy to propose the Jones .605 engine to Aero-modellers of all abilities. 

The Jones .605 in Action    


The Jones .605 - Material Kit

The Jones .605 - Material KitFrom:  £54.65

The Jones .605 - Drawings & Notes

The Jones .605 - Drawings & Notes£28.75