The Aero V8 - Eric Whittle

This elegant V8 won ME Magazine's coveted Gold Medal at the 1995 Olympia Exhibition. A truly magnificent project yielding a 10.6cc 4 stoke glow plug engine that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever it is displayed or flown!

Recreating an aero-engine layout that was popular in the 1920's, Eric Whittle's masterpiece closely resembles the Airdisco (Air Disposal Co.) 120 and 200 hp units used by Sir Geoffrey de Havilland in the DH51.

The engine will swing a Ø12" x 6" propeller at 7,000 rpm yet idles smoothly at 2,500rpm. The engine is just 4½" long with an overall weight of 15oz! With a 90º V8 layout using overhead valves actuated by push rods, the engine's bore x stroke = Ø0.460 x ½". Mr. Whittle states that this is a straightforward engine to build, requiring no special skills or equipment. What is required however is patience! The award winning engine took 6 months to complete and contains a total of 550 components.

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The Aero V8 in Action


Aero V8 - Material Kit

Aero V8 - Material Kit£147.20

Aero V8 - Drawings & Notes

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