Tool Holding and Positioning

Fixtures and mechanisms designed to retain and present a cutting tool to the workpiece.

Small Hole Boring Tools

Designed by "Dore"

Boring Heads

2 Variations.

Myford Specific Items

Items designed specifically for Myford's Super 7, ML7 and ML10 lathes

Graduating Tools

2 Variations.

Rear Tool Posts

2 Variations

Tailstock Die Holder

Designed by Mr. J. C. Payne

Knurling Tools

2 Variations.

Quick Change Tool Holder

Designed by Mr. V. Archibald

Between Centres Boring Bars

Designed by Mr. C. Tidy

Spherical Turning Tool

Designed by Mr. J. A. Radford et al.

Spotting Tool

Designed by Mr. G. H. Thomas and Mr. N. S. Hemingway

Keyway Slotting Attachment

Designed by "Dore"

Retracting Tool Holder

Designed by G. H. Thomas

Grinding Spindle

Designed by Mr. D. Broadley MBE

Speed Increaser

Desingned by Dr. D. Stephen

Compact Rotary Broach

Designed by Mircea Halmagiu

Centre-Height Gauge

Designed by Mr. G. H. Thomas & N. Hardy

Scribing Block & Rule Holder

Designed by G. H. Thomas

Fitted Draw Bar

Designed by Mr. N. Hardy

Floating Reamer Holder

Designed by Dr K. L. Narayana and Mr. N. Hardy

Precision Filing Rest

Desgned by Mr. E. T. Westbury

Simple Trepanning Tool

Designed by Mr. N. Hardy

7 Adjustable Flycutter

Designed by Mr. N. Hardy

Swing Tool Post

Designed by "Martin Cleeve"