Work Holding and Positioning

Jigs, fixtures and mechanisms designed to retain and position a workpiece for machining.

Machine Vices

5 Variations.

Myford Specific Items

Items designed specifically for Myford Lathes.

Angle Plates

Designed by "Dore" and Mr. N. S. Hemingway

Rotary Tables

2 Variations.

Versatile Dividing Head & Accessories

Designed by Mr. G. H. Thomas

Adjustable Backplate

Designed by Mr. E. Riley

Cross Drilling Jig

Designed by Mr. C. Tidy

2-Jaw Independent Chuck

Designed by Mr. M. A. Figes

Centring Microscope

Designed by Dr. D. Stephen

Machinist's Hammer

Designed by Mr. N. Hardy

Set-over Centre

Designed by Mr. I Bradley

Westbury Eccentric Head

Designed by E. T. Westbury

Quick-set Face and Angle Plates

Designed by Mr. F. W. Waterton

Quick-set Keats Angle Plate

Designed by Mr. N. Hardy

Small Surface Plate

Designed by Mr. L. S. Sparey

High Capacity Fixed Steady

Designed by Mr. I. Law