About Us

Each Hemingway "Kit" arrives as a workshop project.  That's to say, using the drawings, constructions notes and materials supplied, each component must be machined on your lathe and milling machine.  

Our 'mission' at Hemingway Kits is to provide uniquely practical and challenging projects for the small workshop owner. Our customers include Model and Experimental Engineers, Horologists, Aeromodellers, Vehicle Restorers, Instrument Makers, Gunsmiths - craftsmen of virtually every persuasion. 

Almost regardless of one’s skill and experience in the workshop, an interesting phenomenon begins to occur when you peel the skin on your first Hemingway project: 

  • You benefit from the very deepest form of learning.
  • The challenge is rewarded with a uniquely practical tool or classic working engine - an item that literally cannot be bought.
  • Both you and your workshop are equipped to tackle evermore intricate and efficiently executed projects.

The Hemingway Toolroom

Established by Neil Shackleton Hemingway in 1976, our workshop accessory range has grown to include over 100 tooling projects. Treat us as your Production Engineering department, providing the tooling to help you: 

+ Work to more satisfying standards 
+ Complete work more quickly. 
+ Undertake more complicated operations. 

The Hemingway Engine Bay
Our range of Internal Combustion and Steam engines covers virtually every conceivable layout. Each of these 'prime movers' has been carefully researched and developed for manufacture within the small workshop and each has become a design classic. 

Hemingway Designers
Hemingway Kits are proud to provide a continuing and approved source for projects from many of the world's finest designers: 

  • G H Thomas 
  • E T Westbury ("Ned", "Artificer", "Exactus"...)
  • Professor Dennis Chaddock 
  • G P Potts 
  • "Martin Cleeves" (K C Hart) 
  • G K King 
  • Ian Bradley ("Duplex") 
  • L H Sparey 
  • David Machin 
  • L C Mason 
  • "Dore" (Arnold Thrope) 
  • Les Chenery 
  • "Tubal Cain" (T D Walshaw) 
  • J A Radford 
  • Colin Jones 
  • J C Payne 
  • Eric Whittle 
  • Dick Stephen 
  • Eliot Isaacs & Alan Timmins
  • Gordon Cornell
  • Derek "DAG" Brown
  • And many, many others. 

We are constantly on the lookout for fresh concepts and we delight in the panache and pride of those who have found a better way.