The Seagull - E T Westbury

The Seagull engine was launched in 1950 and was based aesthetically on a number of engines that were available to power river and harbour boats of the period (Russell Newbery DM, Stuart Turner P55).  The layout will be familiar to period Narrow Boat enthusiast where this type of unit, coupled to a simple reversing box, would beat away merrily until the cows came home.   Westbury states in the build notes that "... there is a unique charm about a really docile and flexible engine, which must be experienced to be believed...".

Westbury's Seagull is an in-line twin with separate, water cooled cylinders and heads.  The 2 pistons move in unison, a form known as "360º Twin".  The 10cc engine has a bore x stoke of Ø3/4" x 11/16" and breathes through side valves, reducing both the number of components and their complexity.  Certain successful features from the Seal engine have been incorporated, including a combined inlet/exhaust manifold casting, a carburettor with mixture compensation and an oil trough to ensure good lubrication to the bottom end. 

The Seagull will appeal to constructors of moderate ability who appreciate genuinely great design. 

The Seagull in Action


The Seagull - Material Kit

The Seagull - Material KitFrom:  £159.30

The Seagull - Drawings & Notes

The Seagull - Drawings & Notes£32.20