The Whippet - E T Westbury

The Whippet is an elegant 10cc, single cylinder, side valve, 4-stroke petrol engine. Designed for use in scale model boats, the Whippet was released in 1963 and was one of Edgar Westbury's final IC engine designs. Westbury felt certain that the Whippet would "set new standards for stamina, sprightliness and startability".

The engine is innovative in several respects. The crankcase and cylinder jacket are integrated into a single casting allowing the engine to have a broad base flange for attachment either to a boat's floor or to a plinth for a stationary installation. Also, by using a short stroke (bore x stroke = Ø1" x ¾") and an additional idler gear in the valve timing train, Westbury has kept the height of the engine to a minimum. Aesthetically, this gives the engine a distinctively compact appearance.

Westbury has taken great pains to simplify the design for newcomers. The overhung crankshaft is housed in plain bushes within a separate housing, avoiding the need for a split big-end bearing. A simple barrel-throttle carburettor is employed without the need for a float chamber. This is a very pleasing project, requiring just your patience and concentration to produce a classic model engine with great charm.


The Whippet in Action


Whippet - Material Kit

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Whippet - Drawings & Notes

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