Quorn Mk3 - Drawings, Construction & User Notes
 Quorn Mk3 - Drawings, Construction & User NotesQuorn Mk3 - Drawings, Construction & User Notes 

Quorn Mk3 - Drawings, Construction & User Notes

Price:  £61.25(VAT Free)

Ref:  HK2604

The Hemingway information package supplied for the Quorn Mk3 is exceptional. If you'd prefer to get familiar with the construction and operation of the Quorn Mk3 before ordering materials, buying this item separately could be a wise first step. Then, when you're ready to proceed, just order the Full Material Kit WITHOUT documentation.

If you already happen to have an unstarted or unfinished Mk1 or Mk2 project, we can also recommend this purchase.

Drawings - Full colour laser printed drawings show both orthogonal and isometric views of all but the simplest of components, with sectional and detail views to highlight important features. The drawings are presented with dual Imperial/Metric dimensions. The pack consists of 25 x A3 sheets, including a worksheet against which you can gauge your progress.

Construction Notes - A separate 34 page, wire-bound booklet shows a number of new machine set-ups to speed progress and improve quality. This 21st century advice is interlaced with Professor Chaddock's original notes to offer a definitive document for the build.

User Notes - A separate 28 page, wire-bound booklet shows new setting methods for the Mk3 along with the traditional ones. The 2 common tasks of grinding lathe bits and end mills can be quickly committed to memory and the booklet dragged out when a refresher is needed.