Compact Powered Hacksaw
Compact Powered HacksawCompact Powered HacksawCompact Powered HacksawCompact Powered Hacksaw

Compact Powered Hacksaw

Price:  £449.90(Inc. 20% VAT)(£374.92 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK2160

Apart from a plug, the kit contains ALL necessary material. In all, there are 21 cast components of aluminium, iron and gunmetal. Barstock, fasteners, motor, gearbox, switch, along with an Eclipse Plus 30 ALL HARD blade to kick you off.

Please note that the base casting measures 15" x 7½".  

We are only able to supply this kit with a 240V motor. The motor will run at either 50hz or 60hz.

If your workshop can only provide 110V, we would advise you to source a small (say 300W) step-up transformer for this project. Typically, these are small enough to be "burried" within the base casting.

Whilst you may be able to source a 110V motor, our experience so far is that you'll have problems fitting it within the tight envelope of the design...


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