UPT - Sensitive Drilling Attachment
UPT - Sensitive Drilling AttachmentUPT - Sensitive Drilling AttachmentUPT - Sensitive Drilling Attachment

UPT - Sensitive Drilling Attachment

Price:  £91.90(Inc. 20% VAT)(£76.58 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK1270

Once you've completed your UPT, this attachment will allow it to be transformed into a sensitive drill.   

With the advent of very cheap Far Eastern drill presses we had naively contemplated dropping this attachment from the product range. Such a lot to learn! This attachment is prized in the small workshop perhaps more that any for its sensitivity in producing smaller holes (No.80 to around 5/32"). 

Larger pillar drills, with worm and wheel downfeed, cannot begin to provide the feedback of the Sensitive Drill attachment. That crunching noise of a tiny broken drill and damaged workpiece is all too familiar... The design (seen in G H Thomas' book) provides 2 pulley steps, a spring-return spindle held in Oilite bushes and a depth stop facility.      

The Drill Head slips easily onto the UPT column and can be driven in a variety of ways - limited only by your imagination. The original design was for a base mounted motor with jockey wheels and long belt runs. However, elegant solutions have been found for integrating a motor with the drill head.   

The Sensitive Drill kit is supplied complete with the drill head casting and all bearings, belting, spring, steel and brass.  The kit does not include a motor or a chuck.  

Please don't forget, you will need a copy of G H Thomas' book, Workshop Techniques, which contains all necessary drawings and notes for this project.  

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