Rack & Pinion Graduating Tool
 Rack & Pinion Graduating ToolRack & Pinion Graduating Tool 

Rack & Pinion Graduating Tool

Price:  £79.10(Inc. 20% VAT)(£65.92 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK1215

Now perfectly engraved scales can be produced time-after-time, with none of the "variations" that haunt the amateur's work! A slender, dovetailed ram slides solidly and accurately under the complete control of the operator. A rotating turret carries 3 fully adjustable stops, allowing lines for units, fives and tens to be struck. The cutting tool and turret can be set at either end of the ram allowing both cylindrical and flat work to be completed at any angle. The main body is held in the tool post and can be set-up in the same time as any cutting tool.

This classic fixture is as satisfying to manufacture as it is to use! Radford's unique design was a sensation when it appeared in 1970. The original design however required constructors to cut their own rack directly onto the back of the ram and a pinion directly onto the spindle. With this update, the rack and pinion are provided as finished items so that no gear cutting is required. Along with drawings and construction notes, the kit arrives complete with all necessary bar material, fasteners, springs, HSS tool together with the rack and pinion blanks.

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