Fitted Lathe Draw Bar

Fitted Lathe Draw Bar

Price:  £23.25(Inc. 20% VAT)(£19.38 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK2150

We are pleased to offer a simple yet often overlooked attachment for the lathe or miller. Doubtless you use a draw bar already to secure tapered tooling to a machine spindle? Many of us settle for a length of threaded bar, a washer and a nut. Beyond aesthetics, there are several sources of annoyance with this approach;

- Waggling the bar to find the threaded arbor hole...
- Hunting for yet another spanner...
- Striking the bar, in the certain knowledge that you will damage the outboard thread...

The Fitted Draw Bar is a joy both to make and use. A large diameter iron casting is provided for the knob, which can now be tightened by hand. When the job is complete you'll only need to loosen the knob a turn or two and strike it with the flat of your hand. The bar is also provided with a pair of guide bushes which allow it to find the threaded hole without fuss.

Measuring from the back end of an engaged arbor to the back of your spindle, this kit will suit lengths up to 12½" with guide bushes up to Ø1". The Ø1/2" bar will accommodate an arbor thread up to 1/2" BSW or M12 (including 3/8" BSW and M10). If you need more, just give us a call. The kit includes all necessary material, drawings and construction notes.