Bond-a-Band Round Belting

Price:  £2.15(Inc. 20% VAT)(£1.79 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  SP1010

Bond-a-Band is a polyurethane product having a high resistance to oils and chemicals generally. It affords a good grip, excellent wearing properties, low static pick up and maintains its flexibility at low temperatures. We include this belting in our Sensitive Drill kit and imagine that many other uses can be found in an experimental workshop.

The belt is joined by welding. Cut off the belt to length, less 6% (e.g. if the belt run is 10" then cut 9.4"). Warm a thin, clean metal strip and touch the ends of the belt onto this (i.e. each end of the belt on either side of the metal strip). The correct temperature is 200 deg C. At this temperature the belt will soften to a 'tacky' consistency. Quickly push the two ends of the belt together and hold for a few moments until set. Too high a temperature will cause the belt to go into a liquid state, which will not produce a sound joint. Any flash around the joint should be trimmed away with a sharp knife. The joint will increase in strength over five days! We stock Ø5mm and Ø7 mm belting.