Instrument Maker's Vice
 Instrument Maker's ViceInstrument Maker's Vice 

Instrument Maker's Vice

Price:  £44.30(Inc. 20% VAT)(£36.92 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK2460

As in so many fields of human endeavour, suitable tools are a prerequisite to progress. Once the sideline of cutlers, instrument making has a long and distinguished history with elite craftsmen working hand-in-hand with surgeons, chemists, physicists, astronomers and industrialists of every flavour to develop the equipment necessary to analyse results then exploit new findings.

Within the instrument maker's workshop, highly prized manual skills are developed over many, many years. Filing, sawing, lapping, chasing, honing, scraping and polishing small parts to within infinitesimal tolerances to create world-changing devices.

This versatile vice provides movement in virtually all planes, allowing a workpiece to be firmly gripped then locked in exactly the right attitude for further finishing. The 1½" wide jaws open to 1" to accept flat or cylindrical work. The vice's iron base is cast with an integral 4" long tenon so that it can be securely held in a larger bench vice. The kit arrives with all necessary material, drawings and construction notes for this hugely useful platform.

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This video from Adam Savage shows the build of the Instrument Maker's Vice.