Quick-Set Keats Angle Plate
Quick-Set Keats Angle PlateQuick-Set Keats Angle PlateQuick-Set Keats Angle PlateQuick-Set Keats Angle Plate

Quick-Set Keats Angle Plate

Price:  £41.90(Inc. 20% VAT)(£34.92 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK2430

Whilst the Keats Angle Plate has long been associated with offset-turning on the faceplate, this application was never mentioned in Harold Keats' 1918 patent nor in early adverts. Indeed, the standard Keats plate is among the world's MOST diabolical items to offset accurately!

However, our unique variation on the original is a good deal easier to work with. The workpiece is clamped into the fixture which is then clamped loosely to the faceplate. The workpiece/fixture is centralised on the lathe in the conventional way before being tightly clamped to the faceplate. To create the offset it is only necessary to loosen, then slide the vee block along its base - the exact amount being measured with a vernier caliper.

In addition to its use for turning eccentric features, the 2 castings can be assembled as a sturdy vee block that can be clamped to the milling table to facilitate the machining of crank webs, cross holes and keyways.

The iron base casting measures 4" x 2 ¼" and the 2 ½" long vee block casting will hold material up to Ø2". The kit includes all necessary material, drawings and construction notes.