Westbury Eccentric Head
Westbury Eccentric HeadWestbury Eccentric HeadWestbury Eccentric HeadWestbury Eccentric Head

Westbury Eccentric Head

Price:  £102.60(Inc. 20% VAT)(£85.50 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK2230

This highly versatile fixture was deemed to be indispensable by E T Westbury. Mounted on the lathe mandrel, the head provides an additional dovetailed slide moving perpendicularly to the lathe's main axis. This unique feature facilitates:

Eccentric Turning: Accurate to 0.001" with almost no set-up time! Cranks, sheaves and any job that will clamp to the slide can be offset with the large graduated dial then locked for turning. When a drawing calls for a ¾" eccentric, yours will be 0.750".

Powered Facing: As shown, the eccentric slide can be self-fed in either direction with the elegantly designed interceptor mechanism. With the workpiece mounted to the cross slide, the slide is locked and the cutter block advances automatically across the face of your job. For example, at 55 rpm, the head takes around 10 hands-off minutes to complete a full 5" face, leaving the job perfectly square with an ultra-fine surface finish.

Boring and Flycutting: With tools mounted in any of 5 locations, the head will bore accurately to Ø6" on the lathe or milling machine. Originally designed for the Myford 7 Series lathes, the Westbury Eccentric Head can be fitted to any lathe with a spindle pilot diameter of up to 1 5/8". With some ingenuity, the interceptor assembly can also be adapted to other lathe beds.

The kit arrives with 6 iron castings together with all necessary material to complete this invaluable asset.

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