Quick-set Face and Angle Plates
Quick-set Face and Angle PlatesQuick-set Face and Angle PlatesQuick-set Face and Angle Plates

Quick-set Face and Angle Plates

Price:  £63.40(Inc. 20% VAT)(£52.83 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK2200

A faceplate provides the ultimate versatility in accepting irregularly shaped jobs for boring and facing. But oh don't we wince when we know that a component requires this treatment! Most conventional faceplates were conceived with radial slots; a very poor layout since virtually all faceplate work needs manoeuvring in an 'X-Y' direction.

The slots on the Ø8" Quick-set Faceplate are arranged prismatically to allow work to be accurately set and clamped without fuss. The cunning arrangement of slots provides perfect balance, with the plate's centre of gravity sitting exactly on centre.

In addition to the main iron casting, the kit provides a dedicated low profile angle plate and material for machining slide nuts, pillar supports and an extremely useful setting fixture. The faceplate suits threaded lathe spindles with a pilot diameter of up to Ø1½" and a centre height above the bed, or in the gap, of at least 4". Prototypes were made on the Myford Super 7 and this is the basis for the drawings and construction notes.