Lathe Backstop - Myford 7 Series
 Lathe Backstop - Myford 7 SeriesLathe Backstop - Myford 7 Series 

Lathe Backstop - Myford 7 Series

Price:  £40.95(Inc. 20% VAT)(£34.13 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK2010

The clearance bore through a lathe's mandrel is ideal for admitting long lengths of material, but every 'pro' attracts a 'con'. The classic role of a lathe back stop is to provide a fixed axial limit against which material can be loaded; a critical feature for efficient repetition work. Used in league with a Multi Position Saddle Stop, a batch of turned components can be produced quickly and routinely.

In addition to this fundamental role, Mr. Thomas' refinement of the original J A Radford design provides for the fitment of a number of accessory heads. With a disc-stop fitted, thin discs or washers can be squarely held in the 3 jaw chuck and faced off parallel. Using the unique 'scale-nut' fingers, custom nuts with oversized threads can be produced with ease to enhance the appearance of scale models.

This kit arrives with drawings and construction notes together with all necessary materials to manufacture the backstop and accessory heads. Designed originally for the Super 7 (NOT the later 'Big Bore' models) adaptations can easily be made for the ML7 and ML10 spindles.