Centring Microscope
 Centring MicroscopeCentring Microscope 

Centring Microscope

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Ref:  HK1710

The Centering Microscope is used for precisely and repeatably setting work on the milling machine, lathe or drill. Through the eyepiece on the horizontal sight tube you will see an inverted image of your job, magnified twenty fold, at a focal length of about 70mm from the lower objective lens. The field of view of around Ø3mm is calibrated through a high contrast, chrome on glass graticule pattern of crosshairs and concentric circles. The graticule is easily centered to within 0.001"/0.03mm of the absolute centre of your machine's spindle.

MILL & DRILL: We all struggle to locate edges, centres, contours, and layout lines to any real level of confidence. The Centering Microscope allows one to place a drill or milling cutter exactly where one intends, every time; no need for a centre punch, a wiggler, Engineer's buttons or cigarette papers!

LATHE: Setting work to run true on the faceplate can also be completed without fuss or doubt using the Centering Microscope from the lathe's tailstock. Looking from either the tailstock or headstock you'll also find that not only can you now confidently set your tools at centre height, you'll get a great view of a tool's tip condition and profile.

The kit comes with detailed construction notes, drawings and all necessary material including standard microscope eyepiece, objective lens, silvered prism, graticule, fasteners and aluminium bar and tube. Choose an arbor size above to suit your equipment. If you intend to use this on several machines, the Ø1/2" parallel arbor is a good choice.  

Among its many other duties, Dr. Stephen has used his Centering Microscope to pick out the original centres of worn holes in clock plates. With the plate precisely aligned, the original holes can be bored oversize and bushed down to bring pinions and wheels back to their correct mesh. Where would one start without a Centering Microscope?