2-Jaw Independent Chuck
2-Jaw Independent Chuck2-Jaw Independent Chuck2-Jaw Independent Chuck

2-Jaw Independent Chuck

Price:  £43.15(Inc. 20% VAT)(£35.96 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK1650

A 2-Jaw chuck..... are you mad? No; these chucks were made by both Pratt Burnerd and Alfred Herbert and were very popular in the world of brass and copper fittings, enabling awkward shapes to be held and the set-up repeated whenever required.

Whilst a simple faceplate is a very flexible system for holding work to the lathe, what a pig to set jobs squarely! The 2-Jaw is, in essence, a Ø5" faceplate with a highly versatile vice attached. Each jaw is adjusted independently, allowing irregular or offset work to be accommodated securely. Unlike the 3 and 4-jaw chuck, any number of special jaw plates can be made from the suggested jig, to allow virtually any shape to be accepted. The designer even mentions melting polypropylene jaw plates around a complex boiler part!

The drawings show a Myford Series 7 adapter hub but this chuck can be adapted to suit any lathe above 2 1/2" centre height. Also, by turning a shallow register onto your faceplate or catchplate, it will double as the perfect adapter.

The kit comes complete with all necessary materials for the chuck, adapter, key and your first 2 sets of jaw plates, together with Mr. Figes' illustrated instructions and drawings.

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