Screwcutting Gearbox - Myford Lathes
Screwcutting Gearbox - Myford LathesScrewcutting Gearbox - Myford LathesScrewcutting Gearbox - Myford Lathes

Screwcutting Gearbox - Myford Lathes

Price:  £31.70(VAT Free)(£31.70 Exc. VAT)

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Machin Gearbox - Myford Super & ML7

Developed from the Algoa Screw Cutting Gear Box, but using castings instead of the original fabricated structure. The gearbox is suitable for the Myford 7 Series range and provides a truly enormous saving over  the commercial item.

Gears - Make or Buy? All of the 21 gears are designed as Myford standard 20DP and all except a single 18t gear, can be adapted from standard 20t - 75t change wheels. However, Machin gives elegant instruction for making the gear set from sawn blanks. The Versatile Dividing Head with Milling Kit could make light work of this task. The design retains Myford’s standard change wheel quadrant, allowing metric pitches to be cut in addition to the significant range of imperial feeds.

>> Drawings & Notes - 26 drawings and 38 instruction sheets including 52 process photos.  The information provided by Machin is exhaustive, including a number of "recovery steps" should things go wrong. Instructions are included for photo-etching the 2 data plates. 

Order these plans first and you will be reassured that this is not one of those epic projects.  One experienced customer completed the full internals in 2 weeks before ordered the castings to complete the project.   

>> Casting Pair - (2) Aluminium castings for the gearbox and lid.  

[Please note that the cast machining jigs proposed by Mr. Machin for holding these items are no longer available and can be produce either from aluminium bar or close grained hardwood.] 

Archibald Gearbox - Myford ML10, Speed 10

The Myford ML10 and Speed 10 lathes are trusted workhorses in many small workshops.  Adding a gearbox for screw cutting and fine feed significantly increases the versatility of this lathe.   

Using the same design parameters as the Machin Box, Mr. V Archibald has designed and constructed a fabricated gear box for the ML10/Speed 10 lathes.  In order to fit a "quart into a pint pot", all of the gears are 28DP and will have to be cut in your workshop. This is dealt with in the construction notes.

We can provide elegantly detailed drawings and notes for this unique project but, unfortunately, none of the materials.