Worden Mk3 Tool & Cutter Grinder - Full Kit
Worden Mk3 Tool & Cutter Grinder - Full KitWorden Mk3 Tool & Cutter Grinder - Full KitWorden Mk3 Tool & Cutter Grinder - Full Kit

Worden Mk3 Tool & Cutter Grinder - Full Kit

Price:  £449.80(Inc. 20% VAT)(£374.83 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK1300

Sharp tools with accurate geometry are, as every production engineer knows, the key to successful machining. To attain this in the small workshop means goodbye to free-hand grinding and welcome to jig ground tools.

The Worden Mk3 is everything you need to achieve repeatable lathe tool and end mill "face" regrinds to within 1/2º in all planes.   Plug it in, turn it on and create a textbook knife-edge or finishing tool for steel, brass or plastics.  Need a 60º Metric, 55º Whitworth, 47½º BA or 29º Acme thread?  No problem at all.  Boring tools inserts can at long last be ground accurately as can slotting tools and parting blades.   

The Worden Mk3 has been developed from G H Thomas' original designs, Mr. Norburn's long association with precision sheet metal presswork and fabrication and Mr. Hemingway's determination to provided customers with a simple, quickly built and easy to use machine. Using the speed and accuracy of CNC punching techniques, we provide all the major components pre-machined and welded at a most economic cost.

The work required to complete this project is straight forward and easily accomplished. Many customers claim success in 3 weekends or less. The table assembly arrives engraved with 0 -180 divisions. The base, motor plinth and wheel guard require no more than de-burring and painting. Wiring of the motor and reversing switch is shown in detail. The machining required can be completed on a lathe of at least 2" centre height and 13" between centres. A vertical slide would be more than sufficient to complete the one or two milled features.

The Worden Mk3  is offered as a complete material kit, comprising all the pre-machined and welded sheet metal parts, ground and free cutting steel and alloy sections, fasteners, Ø4" Aluminium Oxide taper cup Grinding Wheel, 3PDT Reversing Switch, Two Pole, Single Phase Motor (240v, 50 or 60hz), glands, multi-core cable.

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