Sensitive Knurling Tool
 Sensitive Knurling ToolSensitive Knurling Tool 

Sensitive Knurling Tool

Price:  £46.50(Inc. 20% VAT)(£38.75 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK1115

This design closely follows that of the 'Marlco' brand, available from W H Marley & Co until the late 60's. This item became a standard in the toolroom; allowing operators to feel the knurl being generated and adjust the pressure to both arms using the fine feed lever. This is a great advantage for jobs in aluminium and brass where care must be taken not to tear the material. It is also child's-play to run knurls of identical depth on a quantity of parts.

The proportions of the original tool have been reduced to a size more suitable to the lighter lathe and the capacity ranges from Ø3/16" to Ø2 5/16". The kit arrives with all necessary materials for the tool itself (without knurls), drawings and construction notes. Whilst this project contains more work than the basic knurling tool, we have no doubt that you will be repaid handsomely!

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