Between Centres Boring Bars
 Between Centres Boring BarsBetween Centres Boring Bars 

Between Centres Boring Bars

Price:  £70.05(Inc. 20% VAT)(£58.38 Exc. VAT)

Ref:  HK1020

These three Boring Bars (1/2" x 10", 3/4" x 13" and 1" x 13") will meet the needs of most small engineering workshops.

Each bar has a dedicated micrometer, which can be accurately positioned over the end of the cutting tool to allow precise measurement and advancement by 0.001" increments.

The carrier arrangement is particularly well concieved. A soft centre is produced from bar to be held in the 3-jaw chuck and trued up at 60 in situ before boring. Each bar is fitted with its own captive carrier, armed with a 1/2" pin which sits securely between the chuck jaws to drive the boring bar. No more floppy carriers "tied" to catch plates!

Supplied as a kit of easily machined parts including steel bar, gunmetal micrometer castings, steel for the carriers, HSS cutting tools, drawing and instructions.

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