Atom Minor Mk3 - Westbury's Construction Manual

Atom Minor Mk3 - Westbury's Construction Manual

Price:  £6.45(VAT Free)

Ref:  BK1100


This 50 page, small format book was released in 1947 at a cost of 3 shillings (£0.15/$0.25) including postage!   

The book's first review in the Model Engineer magazine in November 1947  announced:

"The miniature petrol engine described in this book is of 6cc capacity and has been developed primarily for use in model aircraft.  Its design and construction have been carefully planned with a view to ensuring that the merest novice with limited workshop facilities can build one without trouble.  The book describes and illustrates in detail how the various castings and parts should be machined and, provided that the instructions are followed, the constructor can rest assured that the results of his efforts will be a little engine which will give him absolute satisfaction.  Mr. Westbury's instructions are clear and concise, while the illustrations - mostly line drawings - leave nothing to be desired"  

Although re-printed many times in the past 70 years, no one has thought to correct 3 errors in the line drawings.  This doesn't affect the value of the construction advice but builders should order a copy of the drawing also - which is correct.