The Dynamic Tool Post Grinder - Full Kit  Ref: HK 2300 The Dynamic Tool Post Grinder - Full Kit
Ideal surface speeds for grinding are from 5,000-7,000 ft/min. (beyond 60mph!) but commercially available machines of this size are hard pressed to achieve the speeds required for cylindrical, bore and face grinding. Their compromise is generally to reduce the highest speed available which rules them out of contention for grinding the small bores often required in the home workshop. In contrast, the Dynamic Tool Post Grinder provides 45% higher speed for bore grinding with 30% more power than its most popular commercial rival. Also, being a more robust machine, the Dynamic yields superior results even at lower spindle speeds.

Additional competitive features include guarding and claming for the wheels which, whilst conforming to safety requirements, allow better clearance for tailstock support and for dressing the side of a wheel for grinding up to a shoulder.

Our new Myford Chip Tray (HK 1580) can be filled with cutting oil, suds or water to catch and prevent the rebound of debris. The Chip Tray is available as a separate item.